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Grain Dryers


Grain Dryers

The function of a grain drying system is to reduce the time required between the crop being mature, and the harvested grain being in storage and ready for market.

We are experts in Grain Dryer technology. No matter what crop you are growing or where you are farming we can provide a solution that will work for you.  Our Staff provide professional service and installation on a variety of setups.

From The Pas, Manitoba to Fort Fraser, B.C we sell and service Farm Fans Grain dryers all across Western Canada.

why Dry Grain?

  • Peace of Mind (security)
  • Earlier Harvest
  • Wider harvest window
  • Minimize Field losses
  • Reduce combine losses
  • Prevent grain spoilage
  • Harvest flexibility (timing)

Portable Stack Dryers by FFI

The Prairies benefits from a characteristically wide sunny skies, a most welcome ally for your crops, but come harvest season an unexpected storm can drastically affect your source of income. It is then essential to protect your grains.

Drying your grain allow you to harvest at higher moisture levels to reduce dry matter losses. As well as minimizes the chance for harsh weather conditions to damage the stalk or seed quality.

If the drying capacities of your standard in-bin dryer are limited, you can depend on the FFI Portable Dryer lineup to fulfill practically any on-farm drying need. Download the brochure to learn more about the versatility that FFI Portable Dryers offer.

Modular and F-Series Tower Dryers by FFI

The Modular and F-Series Tower Dryers by FFI are the largest holding capacity dryers with the longest retention times on the market today. They’re ideally suited for medium and large farm operations.
FFI Tower Dryers offer you the flexibility to not only dry, but also cool from 800 to 7,000 BPH of any cereal or feed grain so they can be safely stored in long-term storage bins.

Their vacuum cooling system uses the heat from the hot, dry grain to dry the wet grain.  This increases its efficiency and results in significant fuel savings for you.
With 16 models available of FFI Modular and F-Series Tower Dryers, you will find the one that best suits your operation’s specific drying needs.